Wizards and Warriors

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Well, get your medieval attire out of the attic and dust that crap off, it’s monster killin’ time!
Hack and slash your way through nasty enemies and collect the gold, coins and keys on your journey to save Princess Elrond from the Evil Malkil.
Elrond? I thought that was the Elven Lord of Rivendale from “The Lord of the Rings”?
Anyway, GOOD LUCK!

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Fight of the evil of the… Evil in this thriller.
See what I did there?
Ok, enough of the corny jokes; we need to get serious here.
This game is about as fun as sitting through an Evil Dead marathon. SO, it’s actually pretty good and has substance.

I played this game for HOURS when it first came out and it took quite a while to beat. Find the key, find more keys, find the treasures, find more treasures.
Who could ask for anything more, right? Well, this 5 screw version is pristine and has been lightly cleaned and tested for your gaming pleasure!

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