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NES Multi-Carts
How reliable are your multi-carts?

Great question. Our carts are 99.9% reliable. We’d say 100% but that depends on the hardware you are playing it on. On original hardware, if your 72-pin connector is dirty or damaged it may not play that well. Our multicart utilizes all 72 pins to play. With that said, our cart features full-version NES games. There are a few homebrews and unreleased games from Japan, but other than that, you should recognize all the NES titles.

The multicarts that have 500 or more are suspect to us; namely because they have a lot of obscure, possibly low-quality homebrew games. Without getting too technical, the reason our cart has only 122 or 143 games compared to those other ones is because true Nintendo (NES) games are large files and only so much can fit on the cart’s chip. When I see a cart that has 300, 500 or more, it has to be alot of “junk” games, in my humble opinion.

If you purchase our cart and it doesn’t “perform” to your standards after we try and troubleshoot the problem. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy. You are covered anyway you look at it.

Are the games on your NES multi-carts in English?

YES. All titles are full versions of the games, and ALL are in English.

Why don't your multi-carts work on the Retron 5?

Hope we don’t bore you here.
The Retron 5 is a hardware emulation. This allows the system to read the .CHR and .PRG Mask ROMs of the cart to determine which game it is. Once the game is read by the Retron 5, you can copy the entire game to an SD card and play at any time.
Our cart uses a 256MB chip to store ROMs. Due to the cart being a ROM, each game is assigned a sector and stored. It does not contain an EEPROM/Mask ROM with the information the Retron 5 can read. This will cause the game to be unrecognizable to the hardware and will ask if you would like to force load the cart. If you do this, it will be pixelated and mostly machine language graphics will appear.
Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to create a multicart that can emulate a single game cart with a menu. The Retron 5 will not read any multicart due to its design, not just ours.
We are working on ways to get around this, but it may be a while we invent the technology.

Bottom line: Our NES multicarts will not work on any emulator-type console like the Retron 5.

Will the Game Genie work on your multi-carts?


I just received my NES cart. It's awesome. I was wondering, the game is very hard to get to fit into the system. Is that normal?

If you are playing on NES original hardware, take note:

The PCB (printed circuit board) on our cart is a just a little thicker to make sure there’s a good connection between the 72-pin contacts (NES original console) and our cart. It should be a snug fit, not a super tight fit.

If the 72-pin connectors have been changed on your original NES console, it will feel much tighter, but won’t affect your system.

On the 122 & 153 cart, which games have battery save? And how does it work?

Baseball Stars
Dark Lord (Japan/english translation)
Deja Vu
Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior II
Dragon Warrior III
Dragon Warrior IV
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Happily Ever After (Unreleased)
Maniac Mansion
Metroid Plus (Homebrew)
Might and Magic
Star Tropics 1-2
Sweet Home
Wario’s Woods (auto saves randomly)
Legend of Zelda
Zelda II

Baseball Stars
Deja Vu
Final Fantasy 1-3
Kirby’s Adventure
Maniac Mansion
Might and Magic
Over Horizon
Sansara Naga
Sweet Home
Star Tropics 1-2
Sweet Home
Legend of Zelda
Zelda II

You can only save one game at a time. This means that you will have to play all the way through a game that saves before moving to another. The reason is that the game cartridge is only capable of saving a single file. If you go to another game that uses a save feature, it will automatically erase your previous game save file. We recommend you play one battery save game at a time, beat the game, and move on to the next one.

Tecmo Super Bowl 2017
Are there any known issues with this homebrew game?


When you open the on-screen “playbook,” you will notice that the portions of the play will be blacked out and not green (see images below). This is due to an issue with the ROM and cannot be repaired. Good news is that it does not affect game play.

In some instances you may lose sight of your cursor. If that happens, press left or right on the controller. Once you return to the main screen, you may notice that the outline changes to a garbled code. Again, this will not affect the game play.


Why did we put it on a cartridge when you can play the ROM for free online?

There are a niche of diehard retro gamers that want to play their games on original hardware. You’re welcome 🙂

Retroid 16 – SNES clone
My screen is gray or I am getting an error message "the game pack is not compatible." What do I do?

Easy fix. Look at the back of the console and turn the switch to 60hz, which is the DOWN position (down toward the front of the console).

Why should I buy an SNES clone like the Retroid-16 rather than a used original Super Nintendo console?

The Retroid-16 is a new, affordable, SNES hardware clone. The Retroid-16 is NOT an emulation, which means it can display graphics at the same rate and resolution as the original. It also allows you to play European and Japanese games without modification, which an original SNES does not.

To play PAL games, you must flip the switch at the bottom of the Retroid-16 console to allow the European CIC to read.
Also, original SNES controllers can be used on the Retroid-16 as well as ANY accessory made for the original hardware. The body has the same shape as the type-2 SNES and button layout.

What type of output - RGB or HDMI?

The output is S-Video and A/V (red/yellow/white cables). You can get an S-Video to HDMI converter/upscaler and the output is amazing.

Can you use original controllers?

Yes, as well as ANY accessory made for the original hardware.

Can this play Star Fox? And is there a list of games that play or don't play on it?

Yes, this will definitely play Starfox, Starfox 2 (European) and Starfox Competition.
Because this is a hardware clone and not emulation, it will play everything that the original hardware will play.

The non-playlist is shorter and here is the reasoning behind it. The DSP-1 chipset has not been tested because we don’t have the version 1.1 copy of Super Mario RPG or Kirby 3. Once I can get my hands on those to test, we will have an answer. However, it will play the version 1.0 of Super Mario RPG with no problems at all. This is the SA-1 chipset.

Does this play American and Japanese carts?

Yes it does. It is region-free. This system will play U.S. SNES games, reproduction games, Japanese and European SNES games.


Is the SNES Retroid 16 compatible with Everdrives and SD2SNES carts? Also, will it work with the Super Gameboy, and Game Genie?

Our Retroid 16 is an exact clone of the SNES hardware. In fact, it is a hardware clone. Yes, it will work with the Everdrive, Game Genie, SuperBoy, etc.

It will work with anything the original SNES hardware works with.

Does it allow you to save your games?

Saving games is a function of the game itself and not the console. Any games that support saving will save as long as the game’s internal battery isn’t dead.

Is the Retroid playable on smart TVs?

The Retroid is compatible with all TVs that support composite AV and S-Video input. If your TV doesn’t have these inputs, we suggest purchasing an AV or S-Video to HDMI converter, since almost all new TVs support HDMI.

Why are the pin connectors on the Retroid-16 so tight?

Watch THIS short video.

Nintendo World Championship Gold/Gray Cart
Will the NWC Gold Cart play on a Retron 5?

No. It will not work on the Retron 5, which is hardware emulation and so the system reads the ROM information on insertion. The data on our cart cannot be read by the Retron 5; therefore it rejects the cart.

Our cart will work on Retron 1-3 and the new Retron 1 HD.


Will the NWC play on the NES top loader?

Right now, no. We are working on a solution. Stay tuned.


It's kind of expensive, why should I buy a replica?

Most serious collectors (like myself) will NEVER have the opportunity to own the real NWC gold or gray cart. For one, they rarely change hands as those who have the cart hold on to them for dear life. Second, who has tens of thousands in chump change sitting around for one of these babies to come available?

Thus, we created an authentic replica/reproduction so that we may have a “placeholder” in our collection, until that one day I find a NWC gold or gray in the wild. (Sure!)

Our cheap, but not cheap-looking, alternative is something we display on our mantel, and something we can play on original hardware. We never pass it off as the real thing, and we are against anyone who does.

As to why it’s expensive … well, compared to the real cart, it’s peanuts. Second, the parts, pieces, labor, free shipping and everything adds up. The gold cart is more expensive because it’s hand-dipped in expensive gold paint.


Are donor carts used to make the NWC cart?

No! Never!

Full disclosure: In the past, we have made NES repros of other games using donor carts such as Madden ’95, NHL ’95, etc. Even using unpopular common sports titles killed us a little inside every time we destroyed one. It’s like erasing a little bit of retro history one board at a time. We do not condone this practice.

Because it is such an authentic-looking replica, scammers are likely to take your "replica" and pass it off as real. How do you differentiate your carts?

Our cart has two major differences from the originals. The most obvious, and we mean OBVIOUS, is the colored DIP switch on the front of both our gold and gray NWCs.

Second, anybody who has the money to shell out 5 to 6 figures on an authentic NWC cart and doesn’t open the cart is a colossal idiot asking to get screwed. If you open our NWC, the “guts” are spectacularly different from the original NWC carts. A simple Google search will reveal this.

That’s not to say that we don’t frequently scan eBay and the like looking for scammers selling fakes. We have reported a few, well before we even started selling our own replica NWC cart. We do not tolerate folks passing any repros and replica carts as authentic originals and we are happy to call out any disreputable sellers who do.

You've had some haters bash you pretty hard for your very authentic-looking NWC carts. What's your take?

We get criticism for having a great-looking, believable replica. And we would get criticism for a cheap-looking knock-off. We can’t win either way. You’re probably referring to Pat the NES Punk, who named us his Scumbag of the Week, for our authentic-looking NWC repro. Trash talk gets “views” and that’s the name of the game on YouTube.

With that said, we make no apologies for producing a world-class-looking NWC replica. What’s the purpose of owning a “knock-off” if it’s not a good one. As my wife says when she’s shopping for a great “fake” Louis Vuitton bag, she wants the best, most authentic-looking one. Not the one with the misspelling on the label or plastic hardware.

Plus, we have taken steps to establish differences in our NWC replica — the most obvious being the color of our DIP switch, which is totally different from the original. Second, if you open our NWC cart, the board and chipset are glaringly different from an original cart.

Pat the NES Punk’s real issue, I think, is that scammers will buy our product and resell it on eBay as fake. We get it. However, it boils down to “Caveat Emptor,” or Buyer Beware. If someone plunks down $10,000 or $100,000 on a fake NWC cart and doesn’t do the due diligence to authenticate it, then the buyer is an ignoramus, and the seller will have earned a special place in hell.


Nintendo 64 Joystick Replacement Part
Will your N64 replacement part work on third-party controllers?

Maybe. Maybe not. There are many third-party brands and the pin configurations are all different, so it could work depending on which one you have.

Therefore, we only recommend our part for use on original N64 controllers.


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