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Until further notice, promo codes will no longer be eligible for use on Nintendo World Championship gold and gray replica carts. Due to COVID-19, materials costs have risen. Please visit frequently for updates.

Nintendo 395-in-1 Mega Collection

A whopping 395 NES original games come on this cart along with some popular homebrews and Japanese releases. Of course, you will find your usual fare of bonus “crappy” games. We wouldn’t want to disappoint. Get the games list and more info HERE.

Check out the game-play video HERE.

1990 Gold Nintendo World Championship Cart • REPLICA

This is our high-quality, as-good-as-it gets replica (REPRODUCTION) Gold Nintendo World Championship video game cartridge for the NES. We spared no details to get it right (DIP switch colors may vary). Read more about it HERE.

Check out the NWC game-play video HERE.

Nintendo 153-in-1 Multi-Cart

A total of 153 games comes on this cartridge — Little Samson, Dino Peak, Star Wars, Metal Gear, MegaMan 1-6 and more. It’s a retro party on one cart. We guarantee that no more than 10 of the games are crappy.

Check out the 153-in-1 game-play video HERE.

1990 Gray Nintendo World Championships Cart - REPLICA

Here’s the gray replica version of the Nintendo World Championship video game cartridge for the NES. Save yourself thou$ands and add this impressive reproduction to your collection (DIP colors may vary). Read more HERE.

Check out our NWC video HERE.

NES Nintendo 122-in-1 Multi-Cart

You get a total of 122 games on this cartridge. More great games, a few crappy games, but definitely tons of fun. It’s time to party like it’s 1985!

Check out this game-play video HERE.

Sega Genesis 126-in-1 Multi-Cart

Play many of your favorite full-version Sega Genesis games on one exciting multi-cart.
We guarantee that no more than 11 games are truly crappy.

Nintendo NES Tecmo Super Bowl 2018

The 2018 version is here! Play this all-time favorite NES game but with the current rosters and team updates. Rock this killer version on your original NES hardware or clone console.

Sega Genesis 196-in-1 Multi-Cart

Own 196 full-version Sega Genesis games on this killer new multi-cart.
We like to say you’ll get 175 games plus 21 bonus crappy ones! Nothing but honesty here at 1UpRetro.

NES Black Replacement 5-Screw Shells, 5 Pack

Grab this 5-Pack of NES black empty shells (cartridges). They are perfect for replacing damaged games or to use with Retro Pi Zero case mods!

Check out the video HERE.

Nintendo NES Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

Play this all-time favorite NES game but with the current rosters and team updates. Check out this killer version we’ve programmed onto a cart so you can play it the ol’ fashioned way.

SNES Flash Card Reader by Super UFO

Use this awesome flash card reader to play most of your SNES game ROM’s.
You will need to purchase an SD card or use one that you already have.
I have found that 8 GB is more than sufficient.
Upload your ROM’s, select game and PLAY!

Check out the video HERE.

If you have any questions or comments, get in touch using the info below or use the contact form. And remember: There’s no such thing as a dumb question.

Phone #: (970) 640-1348

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