Nintendo Best-Of Collection 122-in-1 NES Multicart


A total of 122 games (Top 117 plus 5 bonus crappy ones) are on board including Shatterhand, Fire N Ice, Super Mario Bros. 2 (lost levels), Star Wars, Metroid, Lion King, Gun-Nac, G.I. Joe, Wario's Woods and more. FREE shipping in the U.S. via USPS First Class Mail. Will ship within 1 business day and provide tracking info.


WARNING: This NES Multi-Cart will cause you to sit in front of the TV for hours until someone pries that controller from your cold, dead hands.

1Up Retro’s Nintendo 122-in-1 game cart (117 of the best and 5 crappy ones) will take you back to a time when life was simple and your biggest decision was whether to blow off homework or hang with your girlfriend. No, wait, you’re a nerd, you don’t have a GF.

Your new NES multi-cart comes with the following games:

Archon, Astyanax, Back to the Future 1-3, Baseball Stars, Bionic Commando, Blades of Steel, A Boy and His Blob, Bubble Bobble 1-2, Castlevania 1-2, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 1-2, Clu Clu Land, Crystalis, Deju Vu, Double Dragon 1-3, Dr. Mario, Dragon Warrior 1-4, DuckTales 1-2, Faxanadu, Felix the Cat, Final Fantasy 1-3, Flinstones 1-2, G.I. Joe 1-2, Ghosts n’ Goblins, Gun-Nac, Happily Ever After, Home Alone 1-2, Kid Icarus, Lion King, Mega Man 1-6, Metal Gear, Metal Storm, Metroid, Might and Magic, Monster Party, Q-Bert, Rampage, Shatterhand, Silver Surfer, Solomon’s Key, Spiderman, StarTropics 1-2, Star Wars, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Terminator 1-2, Wario’s Woods, Legend of Zelda and more… see full list in the image gallery.

This cart is compatible with original hardware and all fami-clone systems (EXCEPT Retron 5).

– Retron HD incompatibility: Archon – No picture; Disney’s The Lion King – Game locks up.

– A fun and addictive time
– A tested and trusted NES cart
– Works on the original Nintendo system and fami-clones (except Retron 5)
– PAL and NTSC compatible
– 5 crappy games (at least), Terminator 2 being one of them
– Full-game versions in English
– Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is still a hard game
– Battery save on at least 20 games (learn how below)


PLAYER’S CHOICE: What are you in the mood to play? This multi-cart features 122 full-version NES games. We like to say 117 of the best NES games and 5 crappy ones (which is subjective; you get to decide). All games are in English. This cart is meant for the original Nintendo system, but also works on Retro-Bit and Fami-Clones.
SAVE TONS OF MONEY: If you bought each individual cart, you would spend thousands. Little Samson alone is $1,300+; Dino Peak is $700. You can play these super-fun games and 120 others for dirt cheap with this cart. Unless you are a diehard collector with deep pockets, our cart is the economical way to go to experience old-school video gaming
CONVENIENT: If you’re not a collector, or even if you are, but need a convenient all-in-one cart, this is it. One cart is all you need; not 122 “dust collectors.” Just hit the reset button to switch games. Plus, 122 games never traveled so well. Pack up your NES and hit the road with one cart full of all your favorite games, plus some bonus crappy ones.
FREE SHIPPING: Did we mention FREE shipping and handling with your cart purchase!

As diehard retro gamers, 1Up Retro thanks you for keeping retro video gaming alive and remembering your gaming roots!

You can only save one game at a time. This means that you will have to play all the way through a game that saves before moving to another. The reason is, that the game cartridge is only capable of saving a single file. If you go to another game that uses a save feature, it will automatically erase your previous game save file. 

List of games with battery save feature:
Baseball Stars
Dark Lord (Japan/english translation)
Deja Vu
Dragon Warrior 1-4
Final Fantasy 1-3
Happily Ever After (Unreleased)
Maniac Mansion
Metroid Plus (Homebrew)
Might and Magic
Star Tropics 1-2
Sweet Home
Wario’s Woods
Legend of Zelda
Zelda II

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