Sega Collection 126-in-1 Multi-Cart


Multi-carts are new way to enjoy retro gaming nostalgia on the cheap. Choose from 126 Sega Genesis titles to play on this scrumptious morsel of a multi-cart. Every cart is tested and reliable. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. FREE shipping in the U.S. via USPS First Class Mail. Will ship within 1 business day and provide tracking info.

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There’s so much Sega love on this one custom-programmed game cart. And all for about $.28 per game. Pop it into your original hardware or Mega Drive for instant load times and a menu selection screen. We used only the best materials and components to bring you this reliable multi-cart.

Here are some of the games that come on your new Sega 126 multi-cart:

The Adventures of Batman & Robin, After Burner 2, Air Buster, Alien 3, Alien Storm, Alisia Dragoon, Altered Beast, Arcus Odyssey, Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Revenge of the Joker, Battletoads, Battletoads & Double Dragon, Captain America and the Avengers, ESWAT: City Under Seige, Cross Fire, Double Dragon 1-3, Dune The Battle of Arrakis, Ex-Mutants, Fire Shark, Flashback, Flicky, Gaiares, Golden Axe 1-3, Granada, Grind Stormer, Growl, Gunstar Heroes, Heavy Nova, High Seas Havoc, Hook, Jurassic Park, Mercs, Midnight Resistance, Ms. Pac-Man, Ninja Gaiden, Phelios, Pirates of Dark Water, Pitfall Mayan Adventure, Power Monger, Puggsy, Rambo III, Ranger X, Ristar, Rolling Thunder 2-3, Sonic The Hedgehog 1-2,  Sparkster, Street Racer, Streets of Rage 1-2, Strider 1-2, Super Hang-On, Super Thunder Blade, Tetris, The Lost Vikings, The Punisher, The Revenge of Shinobi, Zero Wing and more …  see full list in the image gallery.

This cart is compatible with original hardware and the Mega Drive.

– A fun and addictive time
– A tested and trusted Sega cart
– A region-free cart
– Works on the original Sega Genesis and the Mega Drive
– 11 crappy games (at least), Darius 2 being one of them
– 7 of the 10 universally top-ranked Sega Games are on this cart including Streets of Rage 1-2 & Sonic 1-2
– 100% no-hassle return policy


PLAYER’S CHOICE: What are you in the mood to play? Our multi-cart features 126 full-version Sega Genesis games. We like to say 115 of the best Sega games and 11 crappy ones (which is subjective; you get to decide). This cart is meant for the original Sega Genesis/Mega Drive system.
SAVE TONS OF MONEY: If you bought each individual cart, you would spend at least $1,000. M.U.S.H.A. alone is $170; Elemental Master is $54. You can play these super-fun games and 124 others for dirt cheap with this cart. Unless you are a diehard collector with deep pockets, our cart is the economical way to experience old-school video gaming.
CONVENIENT: If you’re not a collector, or even if you are, but need a convenient all-in-one cart, this is it.  Just hit the reset button to switch games. Plus, 126 games never traveled so well. Pack up your Sega and hit the road with one cart full of all your favorite games, plus some bonus crappy ones.
FREE SHIPPING: Did we mention FREE shipping and handling in the U.S.

KNOWN ISSUES:  None that we are aware of.

Check out our FAQ for more information on the Sega multi-carts.

As diehard retro gamers, 1Up Retro thanks you for keeping retro video gaming alive and remembering where it all began.